Zero To Launch Review


Zero To Launch Review

By: Julio Hannibal Canario


I’m going to deviate a little from fitness and give credit where credit is due. You see, in order to create this platform for helping others get into the best shape of their life, I obtained some help from one of the best minds in the business, Ramit Sethi.

Last year he launched an online course titled Zero To Launch, which is geared to help others create an online business. While fitness had been my passion for a very long time, I never fully realized the value of sharing this with others. Zero to Launch was the stepping stone that I needed to help others get in the best shape possible. As a way of paying it forward, I have written a review of ZTL to help others decide if this course is right for them.

 A Brief History

As a college graduate in computer programming I immediately entered the corporate world as a web developer for The Wall Street Journal. During this time and beyond I also endeavored to start my own web design business on the side. I was able to obtain a few gigs here and there but nothing that would necessarily help me take off. Soon realized that while I truly enjoyed the creative nature of creating websites and the joy that the finished product brought to others, it wasn’t something which I was truly passionate about.

Seven years later and I still found myself on the same boat, doing what I was good at but not what I truly loved.

However, little did I know that my true calling was staring me right in the mirror. All I had to do was look a little closer.

Enter Zero To Launch

It was around this time that I received an email  about a new course cleverly titled: Zero To Launch.

You see, up until this point, I did not have a concrete idea on how to get my business running; I lacked proper guidance. Sure there was a ton of free information online but digging through it all left me with analysis paralysis.

What’s worse is the negative feeling of all this effort going to waste on a business idea that I was not truly passionate about. I found myself drowning in questions such as:

  • What do I really want to do?
  • After I find my interest, how do I share it with others?
  • Would anyone care for it as much as I do?

Zero To Launch promised to help resolve all these concerns, but, I must admit, I was very skeptical.

You see, Ramit Sehti is someone who I had been following online for the past few months. I was aware of his other courses but never paid much attention to them.

Sure this guy has a huge fan base and seemed reputable but did I really need to invest in his courses? With so much free content out there I was bound to EVENTUALLY find something that would provide the help I was seeking.

It was a tough decision to make, but at the end of the day, I pulled the trigger.

The result: it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

How ZTL Helped Me


First: ZTL helped me identify my passion. Initially, I believed it was web design, but soon, I was able to separate my current profession with the thing I loved to do. In my case, it was helping others improve their lives through fitness.

Don’t have a business idea yet? No problem.

The great thing about ZTL is that it helps you identify your passion and it does so very easily. Soon you will realize that the thing which you love to do, is the thing which the world is waiting for.

Second: It taught me how to step out of my shell and reach out to others. You will soon find out how much other sites are looking for fresh new content (your content) to share with their readers.

Third: It provided step by step instructions on how to launch my site and how NOT to get ahead of myself. This was particularly important since it is always easy to want to do more before building a solid foundation.

Fourth: The people. The ZTL community has truly been helpful and inspirational. The community alone is worth the price of admission. Nowhere else will you find individuals with a common goal that are willing to help each other move forward.

Fifth: Overcome invisible scripts. Listen, we all have them, that voice in the back of our heads which prevents us from moving on any further. ZTL helped me move past these invisible scripts and help me see that you will never be fully ready until you take the first steps.

The End Results

So was it worth it?

Well, I must start by saying that I hit a personal road block and had to put the course on hold for several months. This was a total bummer.


I recently got back on the wagon, nailed a guest post with a reputable site and have begun helping more people to get in the best shape of their lives. Plus I also scheduled a few consultations for online coaching. All this within the past few months.

Is ZTL Right For You?


By now I hope my personal experience with Zero To Launch is enough to help you pull the trigger.

Oh yeah! One last takeaway is that the course does not end after you are done. It is one which you will be going back to for a long time, but most importantly, it is constantly updated with new material so you never have to look anywhere else.

Ramit and his team have put together a very solid package.

So don’t give it too much thought. This is the course you’ve been waiting for. I hope it benefits you as it has me.

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