Why You’re Not Seeing Results

Why You’re Not Seeing Results

By: Claudio Espinoza

New York City is a die-hard sports town. More so than any other team, New York City’s love for the Yankees runs deep. As Jay-Z said in Empire State of Mind, “you know I bleed blue…”

Personally, I’ve always been ambivalent about the Yankees. Growing up in 80’s, one of my first memories consisted of the Mets winning the ‘86 World Series, and even though I lost interest in baseball as the years passed, I couldn’t bring myself to cheer for the Yankees once they started turning things around. During the 00’s, The Mets might as well have been Harry Potter, living under the stairs.


Fine, but you don’t have to be jerk about it.

As the years passed, and the World Series trophies piled up, though, Yankees fans started to change. It was almost as if though their choice of sports team granted them some sort of moral superiority.

Sure, they brought winning baseball back to New York, but I just couldn’t take all the trash talk.

And it was always worse when those people got in the same room with equally hardcore fans for a different team. Or worse yet, Red Sox fans.

For the most part, the ribbing between both sides was usually good-natured. But I never watched an exchange where either said walked away better for the it.

What the other had to say didn’t matter.

They’d made up their minds.

Their team was the best.

They knew it all, and that was that.

When it comes to fitness, people with this mindset are often left wondering why they aren’t reaching their goals. Maybe they’re “doing all the right things,” but have nothing to show for it. And yet, they still don’t change.


I’m just as confused as you are, Jackie.

The Immovable Object

There are few different reasons why people are like this: confirmation bias, ego-protective/self-serving bias, tribalism, etc.

When people refuse to hear additional information in order to maintain their current worldview, regardless of the underlying reason, for the sake of brevity, we can classify it all as being stubborn.

A few years ago, Dick Talens wrote a piece on stubbornness as it relates to fitness for lifehacker.com. In short, the post talked about how and why people hold onto certain ideas, even when presented with evidence to the contrary. Despite the fact that these ideas haven’t produced the results, they still hold onto these ideas and they spout them to anyone in earshot.

Read this carefully: Being right does equal reaching your goal.

Be open to new ideas and concepts. If what you’re doing is working, great! Keep doing that until it stops. At that point, in order to continue progressing, it’s important to find new information that will help you bust through that plateau.

And if it’s not working, why continue holding onto those bad ideas? It might sound like you’re only hurting yourself, but most times people don’t keep these ideas to themselves. You might end up hurting other people who follow your bad advice.

These are the kinds of people that are connected to the Fitness Matrix. They’re not purposefully trying to deceive you, or themselves, but they concern themselves more with being right than actually finding and spreading truth that will help themselves and others reach their fitness goals.

That’s one group of people who doesn’t get the results they’re looking for. They follow bad ideas and are too set in their ways to look for better ones.

Which brings us to the second group of people who fail to get results.

The Un-startable Force

These are the information gathers; the program hoppers, the ones that worry about getting every minor detail right.

But despite of all the research and planning, they forgot one thing:


Credit goes to Eric Bach’s for his sagaciousness.

Information gathers spend too much time trying to find the right nutritional strategies, the right training programs, even the right gym gear like sneakers or headphones.

Read this carefully: “Perfect” is the enemy of “good.”

I like to say that it’s also the enemy of “done.” Sometimes we spend a long time worrying about making something so perfect that it never gets done.

See, instead of worrying about making sure everything you’re doing is just right, you forget about doing; action takes a back seat planning. But all the planning in the world, all the information in the world, means nothing without execution.

These people might even scoff at others in the gym, for example, who are training in a way that they deem less than optimal. But that less-than-optimal approach will yield results if executed over time. If these people were more concerned with just showing up, they’d have the results they crave.

Planning vs. Execution

There are only two reasons why you’re not seeing results:

  • You have a terrible plan.
  • You’re not executing a good plan.

The takeaway here is that even a decent plan will yield results with execution.

You don’t have to sacrifice finding a good plan. But you may have to sacrifice find the perfect plan.

Make no mistake, having a good plan is important. It’s very hard to make progress when the ideas being used aren’t based on science or even reality. Having said that, even the best plan won’t work if you don’t.

From Benchwarmer to Starter

Maybe the Yankees are objectively the best team in the history of baseball, judging by every possible metric ever. Maybe they aren’t. What I can tell you is that being closed-minded about any subject is only going to limit you in number of different ways.

And this doesn’t just apply to fitness, of course, but life in general.

Life isn’t static; things change; ideas change. Ideas that were once thought of hard truths are relegated to the trash heap of time. You can either move along with the world or get left behind.

For the same reasons, the inactive get left behind. The world won’t wait for you. Time won’t wait for you. Every day that you delay on your fitness plan, or any other dream you have, is one day lost to the sands of time. You’re never getting that day back. And you’re now one day further from getting to where you want to be.

Everything works, but nothing works forever. Find that nutrition plan and workout routine that works for you, but be adaptable when it no longer serves you.

That’s what’s going to separate you from those that play on the field, or only talk on the sidelines.

Now get out there and play ball.

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