MacroFuel: The One Meal Replacement To Rule Them All


MacroFuel: The One Meal Replacement To Rule Them All

By: Julio and Claudio

In the beginning, there were weight gainers.

And it was bad.

Back in those days, weight gainers catered to the more “hardcore” segment of the market. Containing hundreds, even thousands of calories, the product did what it promised: weight gain. Unfortunately for our bro-theren of old, these products contained a lot of empty calories, consisting of mostly sugar and relatively little protein.

Weight gainers definitely lived up to their name. That is, even if muscle wasn’t the only thing gained.

Cartman Beef Cake


Fast forward to the early 90’s and we now have meal replacement powders.
Instead of worrying about measuring out ingredients in the right amounts, all while ensuring to get a healthy dose of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and then preparing and cooking said ingredients, one could have all those things in a quick, easy-to-mix shake. It was a complete meal for individuals who lead an active lifestyle.

Gym rats everywhere rejoiced.

Meal Replacements were the first to deliver where previous products failed: providing a blend of various proteins sources, slow and fast digesting carbs, with little fat, giving nutritional support for weight training. Soon enough, other products started making their way into the marketplace, addressing more specific needs like mass gain or fat loss.

Since then, meal replacements have been retooled using information gathered from the latest research in sports nutrition. One of the most important discoveries pertains to the most effective ratio of carbs to protein for performance and muscle recovery.

The Importance of Pre-workout Nutrition

We only spend a few hours of the week in the gym. What we do outside of the gym to support our workouts, like engaging in active recovery and getting good quality sleep, is just as crucial. The importance of how we support our workouts nutritionally, however, can not be overstated.

A good MRP consists of carbs and protein, in at least a 2:1 ratio. Studies have shown that there is a benefit to consuming this meal before a workout because all the amino acids necessary for building muscle are already in your bloodstream when your body needs them.

By consuming a small meal consisting of carbs and protein before a workout, you provide your body with all the nutrients you’ll need to recover afterward, but also have the energy to perform at your best during the session–the best of both worlds. And consuming this meal in the form of an MRP does this quickly and conveniently.

A Good Meal is Hard To Find

Consider what most people eat when they’re in a rush, especially in the morning when they’re on the way to school or work. It typically ends up being something low in protein, calorie dense, and definitely not physique friendly. Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you’re still covered with a meal replacement powder; there’s no wrong time to have it since it’s just replacing a meal.

But time isn’t the only consideration that shapes our nutritional choices. Finances do as well. Both of these factors are the reason most people eat fast food; convenience and low cost are a hard combination to beat. This brings us to our friends at MacroFuel.


Augustine, Max, Alex, and Charles set out on a mission to improve the quality of MRPs for both the fitness industry and consumers alike. While other supplement companies cut corners to lower their prices and sell you poor quality products, the guys over at MacroFuel have created something special.

It’s evident that they put a lot of thought and effort into crafting a product that not only helps you perform better and provides the essential nutrients. In fact, while reading the nutritional label we were pleasantly surprised to find no trace of artificial garbage.

Which brings us to a problem that many of us face: overeating foods that cause our health to suffer. By making MacroFuel a part of your nutrition plan, you don’t have to worry about that at all. You can substitute that Big Mac or bagel with a shake that will keep your hunger at bay.

Vegans and vegetarians will also be happy to know that MacroFuel uses plant-based proteins.

Cost Considerations

The cost is $5/serving when you buy a single bag, which is on the high-end for MRPs. But when you factor in the time and effort it takes to find high-quality meals to support your goals, let alone the cost of those meals, the price is reasonable. Even still, when you order several bags you can get the price down to as low as $2.25 per serving.

In fact, while a New York City bagel with cream cheese will run you about $2.50, ordering 10 bags of MacroFuel will provide you with a solid dose of carbs and protein at a lower price-per-serving cost than that daily, calorie-dense bagel.

Alas, shaker cup not included.

When thinking about it that way, the convenience and price is unrivaled.

How Does It Taste?

We know how difficult it is to find a good tasting meal replacement.

The team over at MacroFuel heard your pleas and created a product that not only gives you the perfect ratio of macronutrients but actually tastes good.

That’s a HUGE deal for us.

No longer do you have to guzzle down your protein shake in a vain attempt to avoid having to taste it; you can now take your time and enjoy it. In fact, we were both surprised and impressed by the smooth texture and a taste which is similar to Cheerios.

It’s also devoid of the aftertaste found in most protein powders.

We can honestly say that MacroFuel bridges the gap between your favorite breakfast cereal and pre-workout nutrition. The result: a nutrient-dense, macro, micro, and budget-friendly meal replacement that will keep you satisfied, and ready to take on whatever challenge the day may bring, in or out of the gym.

We highly recommend you give MacroFuel a try. It’s our current go-to meal replacement, not only for pre-workout nutrition but also for the convenience it brings to our busy lives.

Get your MacroFuel today, and use promo code Welcome20 for a sweet 20% discount on your first purchase.

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