Build a Strong, Lean, and Powerful Body Today


Let me fill you in on a little secret. It’s the reason why we feel fat, scrawny, and lack confidence.

You see, we all want to look and feel amazing– six pack abs, killer biceps, and a lean physique. In fact, many of us wouldn’t mind giving up one of our kidneys to have the body of a superhero (Faustian bargains are essentially the reason we have two of almost every organ).

But through the years, something happened. Something changed.

Instead of six pack abs, killer arms, and legs that could crush your enemies and see them driven before you, you got fatter, slower and weaker.

As days go by, you find yourself slipping further away from your dream physique and deep down it’s making you miserable.

In fact, it’s permeating into all areas of your life:

  • The thought of a day at the beach makes you cringe.
  • Approaching that hottie in accounting makes you feel like an awkward teenager all over again.
  • You don’t look forward to social events anymore, especially when some of the people there haven’t seen you in years.

And you’re not the only one that suffers. The effects of not taking care of your body and health affects both the relationships with your family and friends.

But guess what, you already know this.

By peeling back each layer, and looking yourself straight in the mirror, it becomes clear that this secret is not so secret at all. In fact, it’s something which you’ve known all along.

Something which you’ve had a hard time admitting and have constantly run away from.

The secret to why we fail to improve our body, health and life, is that we settled.

We gave up on who we want to be.

In other words, we stepped into a hole.

And then we started digging.

And then we kept digging.

In fact, every day that you fail to take action causes that hole to get deeper and deeper. So instead of obtaining a strong, lean and powerful physique, you end up:

  • Adding inches to your belt size
  • Unable to carry groceries up a flight of stairs
  • Running out of breath as you try to catch your ride home
  • Underperforming and making less money at work

I hate to break it to you, but getting out of that hole is going to be harder than stealing the Death Star plans.

If you’re married, you already know it’s gotten harder.

If you have children, you already know it’s gotten even harder.

And if none of the above applies to you, then you better listen up.


Being stuck in that hole turns into lifetime of misery.

Your success in relationships, business and life, all suffer when you put your physique and health on the back burner.

It’s time to take a step back and ask yourself:

Do you want to continue living the mediocre life you’ve been living?

Do you want to continue feeling fat and weak while lacking confidence?

The answer is a clear “no.”

We don’t want to live a mediocre life.

What we do want, however, is to become stronger, faster, leaner and more powerful than ever before. In other words, we want a body that’s capable of securing a role for the next Avengers film.

In fact, take a look at Holly and her AMAZING transformation:

Holly Before After Pic

After my C-section, Claudio helped me find myself again. With his one-on-one coaching, I was able to shed all of my baby weight in a few months and I was even doing pull-ups, a goal I had been chasing for two years before I had my son. I don’t know if there is a more time-challenged client than a breast-feeding, working mother but with everything obstacle life threw my way, Claudio was able to adapt my programming. Friends and family constantly ask me, what’s my secret? I tell everyone, “When you are finally serious about getting in shape, you hire a professional, you get a coach. That’s what pro’s do.”

But where do you start?

What do you do?

You’ve attempted to get fit before, but nothing ever seems to work. In fact, years of trying to solve your own personal fitness puzzle has left you:

  • Sick of bouncing between fitness programs that fail to live up to their promises
  • Tired of spinning circles while getting stuck in fat loss plateaus
  • Confused about which foods you should or should not eat
  • Fed up with each time being a wasted effort

It’s no surprise you found yourself in that hole in the first place.

But you know what? It’s not your fault.

It’s not your fault that you don’t know where to start.

It’s not your fault that you have made countless mistakes.

But if you click that “X” on the corner of your screen, then…

That IS your fault

You see, despite all the misinformation and bad advice that you’ve been fed throughout the years, in the end, you have to make a choice: Are you going to let the past affect your future?

Are you going to allow previous mistakes to hold you back?

Are you going to continue to allow a cloud of regret to hang over you just like the belly that hangs over your pants?

Many of life’s problems revolve around the choices which we didn’t make. And the problem with failing to take immediate action is that each day that passes is one more day that we are pulled further away from our goals. Instead of becoming the person that we were meant to be, all that remains is a series of what if’s.

What if  I took charge of my life?

What if I finally invested myself?

What if I had the superhero physique that I wanted?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Your love affair with mediocrity is over.

In fact, the time to dig yourself out of that hole starts now.

We’re here to show you that you can get six pack abs. You can get killer biceps. You can go on that summer vacation, rip off your shirt or rock that bikini, and feel amazing!

Stop Living a Mediocre Life Today

There’s a reason why some people fail, while others succeed in reaching their true physical potential: poorly designed fitness programs that are stuffed with ridiculous rules.

  • You must train to failure
  • You must stay away from carbs
  • You must never feed your Mogwai after midnight

You can ignore that last one. Unless you do own a Mogwai. In which case, you should totally keep that thing in check.

But it’s not just fitness media outlets that are to blame; poor fitness advice is made widely available through those whom we make contact with on a daily basis. Your co-workers, family members, and friends will tell you that it’s necessary to take an extreme approach. Exercise every day for an hour, stop eating carbs, eat more avocados, take this pill.

For someone with a full-time job, a family, and social life, this is a sure-fire way of never reaching your goals. This is the reason why everyone, including yourself, has failed time and time again.

I mean, why would anyone dedicate six months of their lives to feeling miserable?

It makes no sense.

In fact, most fitness programs can be a total time waster. And we know how valuable your time is. It’s valuable when spending it with friends, it’s valuable when spending it your family and it’s also valuable when spending it at work.

Time spent investing in yourself, in your health, and in your appearance will benefit every aspect of your life. In fact, when you take care of yourself first, you’re able to help others far more than before.

Time is the only non-renewable resource in existence; it’s the most sacred commodity in your life. Fitness should enhance and complement your life, not take over it.  A workout routine and diet plan that controls your every step is the last thing you want.

How do we know this?

Well, we too became engulfed within the endless cycle of poor fitness regimens. And one thing was for sure: it was never satisfying.

It was after we had already dug ourselves deep into what seemed like a bottomless pit that we realized that something had to change. There had to be a way to get results without sacrificing every moment of our life.

So instead of continuing on a path to nowhere, we started from the beginning, drowning out all the noise and focusing on the process.

Getting in shape gets easier when you come to the realization that it won’t happen in thirty days because of a “challenge” posted on social media. To get results, you must follow a regimen that fits your individual needs. A regimen that brings you closer to your goals, instead of promising quick fixes that lead to nowhere.

For example, you can see how Ron was able to reach his current physique goal:

Ron's before and after pic

“My time with Claudio has been flat-out amazing. The level of knowledge, attention, and care I received from him is unparalleled compared to any other professional person I have hired to help me, in any facility.

The results for the first 2 months of working with him was more than I expected, and after nearly a year of working with him, my body is in the best shape it has ever been in by far.

I am stronger, leaner, and more muscular than ever even after 6 years of experience working out. Having him as a coach has done more than just trained my body though; it has trained my mind as well. The amount I have learned has been even greater than the gains my body has made. I have learned way more about food and how macronutrients and different training affects your body. I would, and have, recommend working with him to anyone. Male or female, thin or fat, young or old, you name it. He can help you reach your goals”

– Ron Boland

As you can see, Ron was not in bad shape to begin with, but he did not want to settle. He knew that he was capable of more. As a result, Ron was able to take his physique to a whole other level.

But why are we telling you this?

Because we know that you’re capable of more than you can even imagine. Like Holly and Ron, you too can enhance your life by getting stronger, leaner, and more powerful than ever before.

Your journey starts now and we want to help you each step of the way.

In other words, we want to become the Morpheus to your Neo.

The Miyagi to your Daniel Son.

The Mick to your Rocky.

The Pai Mei to your Bride.

The Fairy Godmother to your Cinderella

The…OK, I think you get the point.

We want to guide you on your quest of obtaining the body of your dreams.

Want six-pack abs?  We’ll help you chisel them out.

Need to be beach body ready? After your full body transformation, you’ll be turning heads all summer long.

Want biceps big enough to recreate the infamous Predator handshake? We’ll make sure that your “pencil pushing” days are over.

In fact, our Premium Online Coaching program is designed from the ground up just for you. It will not only get you in the best shape possible, but also help you crush all aspects of your life.

This means:

  • Saying goodbye to all that extra body fat
  • Building a muscular physique that will scare your sleeves away
  • Stepping into any room and owning it like a boss

In other words, finally digging yourself out of that hole.

The Days of Confusing Workout Programs Are Over

After gathering some information, we will head back to our secret lab – which is guarded by adorable puppies – and design your road map to a full body transformation.

This Isn’t a cookie cutter program.

Here’s what you can look forward to by working with us:

– Customized Training Program

Our customized program keeps the individual–you–in mind during each phase. This means, increased fat loss, increased muscle gain, and a huge decrease on your phone’s battery life from all the pics you’ll be taking and posting.

– Customized Nutrition Plan

We’ll make sure that you’re eating to meet your specific goals. By removing the guess work, we’ll show you how to eat so you can continue to enjoy life without driving yourself insane.

In other words: we do all the thinking – you make all the gains.

– Accountability and Motivation

Studies have shown that publicly sharing your progress can actually help motivate you to accomplish your goals.

So instead of sending you a confusing workout program and letting you go on your merry way, we’ll be here to make sure you put in the work and get your desired results.

You Don’t Have to Settle Anymore

Are you going to continue to postpone your goals of obtaining your dream physique?

Or, will you finally take the steps to becoming the best version of yourself?

The choice is yours.

The longer you wait, the harder change is going to be.

So now is the time to take action.

Now is the time to become more than you ever thought possible.

Now is the time to leave your previous world of mediocrity behind and build that superhero physique. But don’t worry, we’ll even let you keep your kidney.

By signing up below, you will be one step closer to improving your body, your health and your life.

You owe it to yourself, and we want to guide you each step of the way.


We want you to look and feel amazing. But, because of high demand, there are only a few remaining spots available. The sooner you apply, the sooner we can get you on the road to reaching your goals. We look forward to hearing from you.







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