Man Doing Sit-Ups On Exercise Mat

Sit-up Smackdown: Why You Should Never Do Traditional Sit-ups Again

(A version of this article originally appeared on Recently, a group of coworkers and I completed a twenty-two day pushup challenge. Twenty-two push-ups in twenty-two days to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention. Certainly a great action for an even greater cause. But after day twenty-two had come and gone,[…]

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Mastering Muscle-Building Musts

Today we have something special for you. It’s a guest post by our boy Jorden Pagel from In it, he shares the essentials of building muscle and he even has something special for you at the end of the post. Now, without further ado, here’s Jorden: Building muscle requires[…]

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The Perfect Push-up Progression Guide

Pushing movements have long been known to be key contributors in building a head turning physique. And as the granddaddy of them all, the push-up is no exception. Want to develop a chest that causes your foes to kneel before you? Do more push-ups. Want to be the center of[…]

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